Alessandra Bizzarri Todd is a California native, born and raised in Los Angeles. She comes from an Italian and Costa Rican family of five whose ancestry traces back to the 13th century in Florence on her father's side, to the first Head of State of Costa Rica on her mother's side. Italian Culture and Antiquity are a constant source of inspiration for Alessandra. her travels around the world enhance her ability to bring her unique design aesthetic and appreciation to all of her clients.

In 2007, Alessandra worked for two sought after interior designers in Bridgehampton, New York. After realizing that design is her calling, she moved back home to attend college. She studied Interior Design at The Art Institute of California in Santa Monica for three years and later moved to Austin, Texas where she finished her degree. From 2012 to 2015 she worked for an acclaimed lighting designer here in Los Angeles. That experience inspired her fascination with proper lighting and it's integral role in design.

In 2018, Alessandra started LA Light Design. Her passion for lighting combines her precise eye and creative experience. She's committed to designing spaces that are both artistic and comfortable for everyday living.